Analyzing Higher Education and Related State and National Policy Issues

As part of the Operations Division, Research and Policy Analysis (RPA) analyzes higher education and related state and national policy issues and their impact on the 榴梿视频 System of Georgia.

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The research conducted by RPA focuses on students, curriculum, and faculty. Examples include the analysis of data on student enrollment behavior (such as retention, and graduation), research on supply and demand for Georgia鈥檚 work force, needs analyses, and financial aid. RPA serves as the point of primary contact for meeting the information needs of external entities and agencies and reports to the Chief Operating Officer

RPA collaborates with others in the System Office on policy development and implementation. RPA is responsible for administering the 榴梿视频 System student, curriculum, financial aid, and degree data systems, interpreting Board policy in data collections and analysis, and ensuring that the data needed to implement policies are available at the System level, that definitions of data elements are standard and meaningful, and that relevant and valid interpretations of those data are used in the development and implementation of BOR policy initiatives. RPA also serves as the liaison to selected System committees and state and federal agencies.